Mother of God Celebrates 75 Years! 

Mother of God, the cathedral of our diocese, marked its 75th anniversary on Thursday, February 29th, with Mass celebrated by His Excellency, Bishop Francis. 

Mother of God was the first Chaldean Catholic Church to be established in Michigan. The church was purchased on January 9, 1948 and was consecrated on August 15, 1948, as Fr. Toma Bidawid as its pastor. The church was initially located on Euclid and Hamilton Street in Detroit and then was relocated to Hamilton Road in Detroit. The consecration of the new location took place in 1956 after many changes to the church – the building still exists to this day. 

The property in Southfield, where Mother of God is located now, was purchased in 1964. The church hall and rectory were built in 1972 and the church itself was built in 1979 and completed in 1980. Two years later, the first Chaldean Bishop was appointed in the United States, a new diocese was established, and Mother of God became the diocese’s cathedral. 

Throughout its history, Mother of God has been the center of worship, community, and cultural preservation. The beloved church not only serves as a place of worship, but also hosts various community events, cultural celebrations, and educational programs for everyone in the community. 

May the Blessed Virgin Mary continue to bless and watch over all the clergy and all who serve and volunteer at Mother of God Church. We pray that it continues to prosper and grow for many years to come!