Embracing Inclusivity:
Celebrating Mass for Those with Special Needs

On Tuesday, April 9, His Excellency Bishop Francis celebrated Mass at St. Joseph Church for all those with special needs in our community, which was graciously put together by the Office of Life. The Mass served as a reminder of the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels valued and included in worship. 

Bishop Francis’ overall message to all was that now more than ever, we need to celebrate those with special needs, regardless of their inabilities. He emphasized that the presence of God is in each and every one of those individuals. 

For most of the attendees, the Mass was more than just a religious service; it was a profound expression of belonging and acceptance within the Chaldean community. There is something extremely special about these individuals being able to experience the fullness of their faith by celebrating Mass in a welcoming and loving environment. 

Thank you to the Office of Life for their dedicated efforts in organizing the Special Needs Mass this year! Their commitment to inclusivity and compassion has created a space where everyone, regardless of ability, feels welcomed, supported, and valued. Through their efforts, they were able to bring our community together for an evening of worship, fellowship, and fun! To learn more about the Office of Life and their mission and impact in our community and beyond, please visit chaldeanchurch.org/life/#about.

To see photos from the Mass and fellowship, click below.