On the feast day of St. Joseph, Bp. Kalabat blesses new Chaldean Home of Sterling Heights apartments.

Chaldean Home of Sterling Heights Ribbon Cutting.
Bp. Francis Kalabat with Mayor of Sterling Heights, Michael C. Taylor, and Sterling Heights Chief of Police, Dale Dwojakowski at the March 19 ribbon cutting. (Jonathan Francis | Chaldean Catholic Eparchy)

On March 19, the Chaldean community gathered at Holy Martyrs Church in Sterling Heights, for a very special celebration. Following Mass to commemorate the feast day of St. Joseph, Bp. Francis Kalabat and a procession of the faithful gathered in front of the newly completed Chaldean Home of Sterling Heights Apartments for the official ribbon cutting and blessing of the new senior living residence.  

Almost a decade in the making, plans for a senior living residence began in 2010, when Fr. Manuel Boji, Pastor of Holy Martyrs Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan, along with the parish counsel, drafted a proposal to build an independent living residence next to the Church. The parish then took their plans to Bp. Emeritus Ibrahim Ibrahim, diocesan bishop at the time, who gave his approval. Upon his retirement, newly ordained Bp. Francis Kalabat also gave his blessing to proceed with the project.

“St. Joseph is the patron of all homes, of fatherhood, and truly now, of this house that we have just built,” said Bishop Kalabat during his homily. “This house, by God’s design, was readied during this time, on the feast of this great man, so we ask for his intercession and his blessing.”

In attendance at Mass were both private contractors and city of Sterling Heights public officials who assisted in the planning and completion of the new apartments. Also in attendance were Mayor of Sterling Heights, Michael C. Taylor, and Sterling Heights Chief of Police, Dale Dwojakowski.

Deacons Perrin Atisha and Rodney Abasso process with an image of St. Joseph to the new apartments. (Jonathan Francis | Chaldean Catholic Eparchy)

Following Mass, both Father Boji and Fr. Andrew Seba, parochial vicar, thanked all those who were involved in the project.  

“I really wholeheartedly thank all of you for your help and the very smooth relationship during this two year building period,” said Father Boji. “I especially would like to thank you for allowing us to have this ceremony of the blessing of the building, although we don’t have official occupancy yet, it is a big help to have it on the feast day of St. Joseph.”

Following Mass, the entire congregation processed to the new building, where Bishop Kalabat, along with Mayor Taylor, cut the ribbon. Following the ribbon cutting, Bishop Kalabat and the congregation took a tour of the first floor, blessing the building with holy water and joining the community for snacks.

“We ask the intercession of the great St. Joseph, that he may continue to bless us,” said Bishop Kalabat.  “And within this house, not only to be filled with God’s blessings, but at all times and everywhere, that we may be able to proclaim and say, blessed be the name of Jesus, both now and forever, amen.”

Spaces at the Chaldean Home of Sterling Heights apartments are still available for rent. If you’re interested in becoming an occupant, please contact Nohra Hailo, apartment manager, at 586-803-3114.