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Ba’utha is a penitential mini-season, which is also known as The Supplication of the Ninevites. During this season we recall the preaching of Jonah to the Ninevites. It was a declaration of fasting by the Patriarch so that the Lord will have mercy on His people.


Ba’utha dates back to the 6th century when a severe plague inflicted the ancient city of Nineveh in northern Iraq. The plague devastated the city, and out of desperation the people went to their bishop to find a solution. The bishop looked to the story of the Prophet Jonah in the Old Testament. In the story God sent Jonah to warn the residents of Nineveh of great destruction unless they repent for their sins.

The king declared a three-day fast to ask for God’s forgiveness.God accepted this and spared the city from destruction. At the end of the three-day fast, the plague had miraculously stopped. on the fourth day people rejoiced and gave thanks to God. the fourth day is known as Chaldean “day of thanksgiving.”

Every year, the northern region maintained the three-day fast to commemorate the miracle, and the Chaldean church suggested that Chaldeans around the world participate.