Ba’utha 2021


On Monday, January 25, we begin the fast of Nineveh, also known as Ba’utha. Ba’utha is a 3 day fast, usually abstaining from all dairy foods and meat products, as we pray and ask for God’s mercy. Ba’utha is always celebrated three weeks before Lent and lasts three days.

Ba’utha Church Schedules

Holy Cross

Holy Martyrs

Mar Addai

Mart Mariam

Mother of God

St. Ephrem

St. George (English)

St. George (Arabic)

St. Joseph (English)

St. Joseph (Arabic)

St. Paul

St. Thomas

Journey with Joseph

To help support our community’s devotion to St. Joseph in 2021, St. Joseph Chaldean Church will be sponsoring a variety of opportunities to deepen our understanding and devotion to this great saint.

2021 Liturgical Calendar

The 2021 Liturgical Calendar for our diocese is now available. You can purchase a copy for $5 at your parish or view the calendar online.