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May 23, 2020


Following President Trump’s recent announcement identifying churches and houses of worship as, “essential places that provide essential services,” we will continue to move forward with Phase II of reopening our churches.

Beginning the weekend of Saturday, May 30, and Sunday, May 31, the public celebration and attendance of all Holy Masses will resume—with proper safety precautions in place—at all our Chaldean churches in Michigan and Illinois at a 25% capacity, in keeping with our local government’s safety precautions.

Detailed safety guidelines and information regarding church capacity, funeral Masses, and the sacraments of marriage and baptism, will be provided this week.

The weekend of reopening will fall on Pentecost Sunday and the traditional day for the crowning of Mary. Therefore, we ask for the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, that the Holy Spirit guide our clergy and fill the hearts of our faithful.