A unique feast day in the Chaldean Rite is the celebration of Our Lady of the Fields (Harvest) celebrated annually on May 15. Eastern Churches developed some of the earliest Marian theology, focusing on creation. According to Eastern Rite tradition, creation does not only contain symbols of God, rather in it, everything has been placed to reveal God in his hiddenness.

Early popularity for this particular devotion began in light of the importance of yielding a good harvest for the livelihood of the families and nations. Today, we add to that the request to help us not only just with our yielding of vegetation, but with the financial benefit of the various businesses and trades we rely on. We also recognize and pray for all the campers and volunteers at Our Lady of the Fields Camp and Retreat Center!

For good weather, and fertile season, and the abundance of fruits throughout the whole world. We implore you!


Dear Mother,
You lived a humble life centered around God early in your life and then dedicated to raising the Son of God.
My lady, ask our Lord Jesus to place deep faith in our hearts and water it each day with your prayers, that we may bring a worthy harvest of holiness in service of God as you did.
Pray that as our hearts grow in love and humility, we may be a living sign of Jesus to those around us.
Like a farmer who uses their hands to bring forth nourishing food, please ask Jesus to bless us with a bountiful harvest.
Pray that our hands and bodies will remain strong, that we may farm the land God has given us and to minister in His vineyard.
Ask Jesus to care for our gardens as He tends our hearts. Pray that weeds will be kept far from our fields and that we have a distaste to sin.
Humbly we ask that you carry the petitions we hold in our hearts to our most loving and generous Lord, so that a bountiful return of praise to our savior can be presented on the last day.
We ask this from you and from your wonderful spouse St. Joseph.

صلاة لِسيدتنا مريم العذراء حافظة الزروع أمّنا الحبيبة، لقد عِشتِ مُنذُ صِباكِ حياةً متواضعة مَركزها هو الله. ثُمَّ كَرَّسـتِها لتربية إبن الله. سيّدتـي، أطلبي مِن ربّنا يسوع أنْ يزرع في قلوبِنا إيماناً عَميقاً ويَرويهِ كُلَّ يومٍ بِصَلواتِكِ. فنأتي بِثِمار القَداسة الحَسَنة كي نَخدُم الله كَما خدمتِهِ أنتِ. صَلّي كَي تَنمو قلوبنا بالمحبة والتواضع، كَي نكونَ علامة يَسوع الحيّة لِمَنْ هُم حَولنا. نرجو مِنكِ أنْ تسألي يسوع أنْ يُباركنا بِثمارٍ وافرة، مِثل الزارع الذي يَستخدم يَديه مُنتجاً طعاماً نافعاً. صلّي كَي تبقى أيدينا وأجسادنا قوية، لِنرعى كَرْمَ الله ونزرع الارض التي وهبها لنا. إسألي يَسوع أن يَعتني بحدائقنا كَعِنايتهِ بقلوبنا. صلّي كَي تبقى الأدغال بعيدة عَن حقولنا، ولِكي نبقى نحنُ بعيدين عَن الخطيئة. نسألك بتواضع أنْ تَحملي طلباتنا الصادرة مِن قلوبنا لِربّنا، رب المحبة والسخاء. لِكي نتقدّم بالتسبيح الوافر لِمُخلصنا يوم الدينونة. نطلب مِنكِ ومِن خطيبك القديس يوسف. آمين سيدتنا حافظة الزروع، صلّي لأجلنا.