Our diocese, along with various other organizations of the community, were able to come together to collectively raise close to $300,000 towards the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. 

Approximately $153,000 of the total amount was collected from the Diocesan second collection from all parishes on the weekend of February 12. A further $22,000 was collected from individual donations from parishioners. Around $65,000 was collected from a radio telethon collection hosted by The Chaldean Voice. $40,000 was collected by the Adopt a Refugee organization and was sent directly to Syria to assist various families and their immediate needs. Help Iraq also collected about $30,000, with $25,000 of which was spent to purchase emergency supplies that are needed immediately. In the coming weeks, Another $50,000 of emergency items will be purchased from Lebanon to be sent to Syria. 

We thank everyone that has graciously donated their time, efforts, and money to this cause. Let us continue to pray for all our brothers and sisters in need in Turkey and Syria, that they may continue to receive assistance and guidance through the Lord.