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EDIT: Due to Illinois state laws, our Churches in Illinois (St. Ephrem and Mart Mariam) will not have Masses this Sunday, May 31, but will only have communion services in the parking lots.

May 28, 2020


All Chaldean parishes in Michigan will resume daily and Sunday Masses beginning on Saturday, May 30, 2020 under the following conditions:

  1. Churches are not to exceed 25% of total capacity for the church.
  2. Face-coverings/masks are to be worn by the faithful in and around the church (except for those under 2 years old).
  3. Cleaning and sanitizing of church facilities using proper techniques before or after Masses.
  4. Social distancing (at least six feet apart) must be practiced in the church.
    • Those living in the same household may sit together without distancing
  5. Holy Communion will be distributed after the final blessing.
  6. An additional location on the church property (e.g. social hall, parking lot) may be used as an “overflow” for additional people desiring to attend public Mass.
  7. All the faithful are still dispensed from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass until further notice.
    • Those who are at higher risk from COVID-19 should stay at home, especially elderly or sick individuals.
    • Young children are also encouraged to stay home to reduce the risk of spreading.
  8. Funeral services are to resume on Monday, June 1, having also 25% capacity and observing the same guidelines above.
    • Funerals will remain a funeral service, without a Mass.
    • Please confirm the details with the pastors of each parish before scheduling funerals.
  9. Sacraments of Marriage and Baptism to resume on Monday, June 1, having also 25% capacity and observing the same guidelines above.
  10. Parish office hours to resume on Monday, June 1 (with safety measures in place).

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