On April 4, 2023, Mother of God Church held the Chrism Mass, a significant Mass during holy week for Catholics across the world. The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Francis Kalabat, along with all diocesan clergy. Bishop Kalabat blessed the holy oils used for various sacraments in all parishes. 

The holy oils blessed by Bishop Kalabat during the Chrism Mass are essential to several sacraments in the Catholic Church. The Oil of Catechumens is used during the sacrament of baptism, while the Oil of the Sick is used to anoint the sick and the dying. The Oil of Chrism, which is a mixture of olive oil and balsam, is used during the sacraments of confirmation and ordination, as well as in the consecration of altars and churches. 

The Chrism Mass is also an opportunity for the priests to renew their commitments to their vocation. During the Mass, they renew  the promises they made during their ordination, which include a promise of obedience to their bishop and a commitment to celibacy. 

The Mass was a powerful reminder of the significance of the sacraments in the lives of Catholics and the role of the church and clergy in nurturing their spiritual journey. 


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