Fluid Removal in Brain of Infant

Baby Judi, refugee of only a few days old was recently saved from Hydrocephalus with the help of a private donor through HelpIraq.org and the assistance of some of our MERCI physicians here. With limited time, the necessary money was raised to pay for the surgery that was needed to save the little boy’s life.

Eye Surgery

Displaced family is from Dehuk and in desperate need of financial help to save their 12 year old daughter, Manal, to keep one of her eyes from going blind. When the family reached out they asked if we can help since it cost them around $1300 for a previous surgery. We would also like to thank all of our MERCI physicians who donated their time and expertise on these projects.

Medical Clinics


MERCI, through helpiraq.org, supports over 7 clinics in Northern Iraq and sends over $35,000 for the purchase of medication for many of the displaced. These clinics see about 1000 patients a day. MERCI is made up of healthcare professionals who willingly volunteer their time, also those who manage the clinics are healthcare professional volunteers as well.

Breast Cancer

HelpIraq.org donated $2,000 to a young lady who needed surgery to remove cancer in her breast.