Today, we are saddened by the passing of Proposal 3. My heart mourns for the families, and in particular, the children that will be affected by this new constitutional amendment. While this new amendment brings many doubts and uncertainties, the church remains a home. It is a home for the most vulnerable. For any woman or man who feels they have nowhere to go. The doors of the Church are open to all. As your Shepherd I am here with a compassionate heart, and so are the priests at your various parishes. We are Fathers who want to bring the love of the Father and Jesus into the most difficult situations. As a Church we must never tire of being there for the most vulnerable, so let us continue to work as one church and one community. Finally, many may question if their prayers were heard. God hears us and does not abandon us, but he also allows free will to remain. God is still guiding us and gracing us to help us fight against this culture of death. Our hope is in the Lord! May God bless you. May he bless this entire state.