Chrism Mass


On April 4, 2023, Mother of God Church held the Chrism Mass, a significant Mass during holy week for Catholics across the world. The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Francis Kalabat, along with all diocesan clergy. Bishop Kalabat blessed the holy oils used for various sacraments in all parishes. 

The holy oils blessed by Bishop Kalabat during the Chrism Mass are essential to several sacraments in the Catholic Church. The Oil of Catechumens is used during the sacrament of baptism, while the Oil of the Sick is used to anoint the sick and the dying. The Oil of Chrism, which is a mixture of olive oil and balsam, is used during the sacraments of confirmation and ordination, as well as in the consecration of altars and churches. 

The Chrism Mass is also an opportunity for the priests to renew their commitments to their vocation. During the Mass, they renew  the promises they made during their ordination, which include a promise of obedience to their bishop and a commitment to celibacy. 

The Mass was a powerful reminder of the significance of the sacraments in the lives of Catholics and the role of the church and clergy in nurturing their spiritual journey. 


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Mass for Those with Special Needs

On Wednesday, March 29, Bishop Francis Kalabat celebrated Mass for those with Special Needs at Holy Martyrs Chaldean Catholic Church, along with another mass on Saturday, April 1, at Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church. There was a fellowship that followed both Masses.

During Wednesday’s mass, Bishop Francis focused on how, as humans, we strive for perfection but not in the divine way that God is looking for. “We try to be a perfect person without God. And that’s the problem of today.”

He went on to say that because of Jesus’ wounds and sufferings, he understands our pain and he wants us to come to him so that he can strengthen us in our weaknesses. “By his wounds, we are healed. God understands our sickness and infirmities because He Himself personally experienced them. So let’s not be disturbed by them.”

The focus during Saturday’s mass was that children have always played a role in God’s plan for salvation. “It’s important to have children in the Palm Sunday procession. ALL kinds of children; that includes the disabled,” he said.” He went on to say that it is a God-given grace that we celebrated today’s mass for those with special needs on Palm Sunday.

Bishop Francis reminds us that we are called by Jesus to love ALL children from all our hearts and to help them carry their crosses. May we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who face any sort of disability, that God continues to guide them and heal them!

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