Chaldean bishops from around the world gathered for the 2021 Bishop’s Synod at the patriarchal headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq from August 9-14, 2021. The purpose of the synod was to discuss important events and challenges facing the Chaldean Church at home and abroad.

On the opening day, His Eminent Beatitude Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako reviewed the Synod agenda and related letters received by the Patriarchate, followed by his opening address.

At the conclusion of the Synod, Cardinal Sako touched upon the importance of sound and sustainable formation of the clergy, and the selection of bishops according to canonical criteria so that the right person may serve the right place. He also focused on the importance of liturgical renewal and appropriate religious education programs that are suitable for people’s culture and their current circumstances.

The Patriarch also took time to reflect on Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq in March, 2021. The visit gave [Iraq and its people] a boost of hope for a better future. During his closing speech, the Patriarch remarked:

“We must study carefully the situation of Christians who have been subjugated to many pressures, and due to the increasing immigration, our numbers have declined. The Church should not play a partisan political role, but rather work, with apostolic courage and responsibility, to enlighten consciences on issues of peace and social justice, good citizenship, and immigration due to despair.” He went on to say, “It is important to strengthen the presence of our Church in Iraq, because of the land, language, history and heritage…”

We thank God for a successful and safe Synod in Baghdad. To read about the synod and all that was discussed, visit the Chaldean Patriarchate of Babylon website,

Meeting with the President of Iraq, Dr. Barham Salih at Peace Palace in Baghdad, Iraq: August 14, 2021