Families In Harmony

Families in Harmony

Families in harmony

it Takes a Village

Families in harmony MISSION

Our parent group is committed to supporting parents in their role of cultivating a Christ-centered household and being advocates for their children as they navigate the education system with love, respect and truth.

On Tuesday, February 13, St. George hosted a Families in Harmony night with our Shepherd, Bishop Francis, and Sue Kattula.

Bishop Francis shared his vision on the Church’s role and mission in the political sphere; while Sue Kattula shared her 18 year experience as an elected member of the Warren Consolidated School Board.

We pray this video encourages you to get involved in your local communities, particularly in your public schools.

Theology of the Body For Teens(Middle School Edition)

The Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School program is divided into 8 unique segments that reflect the pedagogical approach of St. John Paul II’s revolutionary teaching

Theology of the Body For Teens(Parents Guide)

While it has been specifically written for parents of students participating in the program, it will help any parent learn more about the Theology of the Body so that they may pass this life-changing message on to their children


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The success of this program is built on the time and talent of our volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering and being a part of this program please register above or, please contact your church admin, email [email protected]