Coronavirus Q&A

Coronavirus Q&A

Coronavirus Q&A 150 150 Chaldean Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle U.S.A
Doesn’t the bible say to trust God, why are we canceling Masses?

We trust God, but we also don’t test God saying “if you are truly God, then I won’t get sick.” We need to use our gift of intellect to respond to this virus and help stop the spread of this disease.

The Eucharist is the body of Christ, how can I get sick from it?

The Eucharist is holy, but that doesn’t stop the virus from spreading from the person distributing to the person receiving communion or vise-versa.

Is there a long term response by the Church if this continues to spread?

This is all uncharted territory for everyone, so we are responding as the situation develops. The bishop and the clergy are in regular communication to come up with creative ways to continue ministering while helping control the spread of the virus.

They didn’t cancel the Mass during the plague, why now?

With modern technology and understanding of virus spread, the government measures are justified to help protect the medical facilities, etc.

The Martyrs risked their lives to go to Mass, why can’t we do the same now?

The martyrs were attacked by an outside force that was specifically against the Christian people, this virus can affect many people and we have to be part of the solution to help stop the spread of the virus.

Why are we submitting to the authorities? Aren’t we supposed to be counter-cultural?

We should try to cooperate with the local government as much as we can, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's..." -Matthew 22:21

If I get the coronavirus, should I receive the anointing of the sick?

Anointing of the sick is still available for those who need it, please call your local parishes for information.

Since I am not going to Mass, should I be confessing “missing Mass”?

The bishop has dispensed everyone from their Sunday obligation of Mass. It is a pious act to watch the Masses online and receive a spiritual communion, but it is not required.

Can we do confession over the phone? Facetime?

No. Confession can only be done in person.

Are the churches being deep cleaned?

Yes, all our parishes are being properly disinfected and cleaned following every Mass.

How can I donate to my parish without going to Mass?

You can still donate to your parish online, safely and securely, at