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Chaldean Catholic Charities, under the direction of St. Thomas the Apostle Chaldean Diocese, is a collaboration of various non-profit groups tailored to assist persecuted displaced Christians in Iraq & surrounding countries by providing a variety of humanitarian services. Humanitarian services include providing shelter, food, medical assistance, legal consult and educational needs. These services are provided by Adopt Refugee Family,, Justice, Merci, St Jude of Iraq, Student 2 Student, and Teach.

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Bahnam Sulaiman 700 600 St. Thomas Chaldean Eparchy | U.S.A

Bahnam Sulaiman

Bahnam Sulaiman and his family live in Beirut Lebanon after fleeing Mosul when Daesh took the city over. They arrived in Lebanon on October 15, 2014 and are currently struggling in hard living conditions. Bahnam lost his leg during the Iraq war and is unable to work. His two young sons work to try and…

Housing for 40 Families 864 486 St. Thomas Chaldean Eparchy | U.S.A

Housing for 40 Families funded the renovation of an industrial building which will house 40 families.  The building will also have common kitchens, restrooms, showers, and other areas of need for multiple families to share. This project provided space to move more caravans where other families could be placed.

Project Justice 1277 1277 St. Thomas Chaldean Eparchy | U.S.A

Project Justice

Donate Here Project Justice a program that is part of our St Thomas Chaldean diocese and was established in 2014 in response to 150,000 Christians that were displaced in Iraq. Justice has been working tirelessly for our community and have established a sector of volunteer attorneys and legal professionals who assist refugees with legal issues.…

Fluid Removal in Brain of Infant 960 720 St. Thomas Chaldean Eparchy | U.S.A

Fluid Removal in Brain of Infant

Baby Judi, refugee of only a few days old was recently saved from Hydrocephalus with the help of a private donor through and the assistance of some of our MERCI physicians here. With limited time, the necessary money was raised to pay for the surgery that was needed to save the little boy’s life.

Baby Gorgis Gets Fluid Removed From Brain 975 549 St. Thomas Chaldean Eparchy | U.S.A

Baby Gorgis Gets Fluid Removed From Brain

Gorgis is from Shiyooz camp  and has hydrocephalus (a build up of fluid in the brain). The surgery cost is $3500 and St Jude will fund $1750. We would also like to thank all of our MERCI physicians who donated their time and expertise on these projects

Medical School Supplies 300 225 St. Thomas Chaldean Eparchy | U.S.A

Medical School Supplies

Student 2 Student Coalition, a subgroup of purchased supplies needed by the students during their schooling. The items purchased include stethoscopes, lab coats, and blood pressure cuffs. These college students are trying to complete grad school in the dangerous city of Kirkuk. These brave students are determined to finish school. They were attending school in…

Back to School Supplies Drive 516 341 St. Thomas Chaldean Eparchy | U.S.A

Back to School Supplies Drive

Supply List Click above for full supply list! Starting on September 2nd, TEACH is hosting a Back to School drive at 5 of our Metro-Detroit parishes (St. Thomas, Mother of God, St. Joseph, Holy Martyrs, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help) to collect school supplies for students in our communities in Iraq. Shop for the…