Adoration Times

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Holy Cross
First Thursday of the Month: 11am-12pm
Holy Martyrs
Thursday: 10am-10pm
Adoration chapel open 24/7
Access code: 1111
Mar Addai
Wednesday: 7pm-9pm
Mart Mariam
Tuesday: 7-8pm
First Friday of the month: 5:30-6:30pm
Mother of God
Wednesday: 5-6pm (church)
St. Joseph Adoration Chapel (open 24/7)
Access code: 2533#
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Thursday and Saturday: 5pm-7pm
24/7 Adoration available in the outdoor chapel
Sacred Heart
Friday and Saturday: 6-7pm
(Confessions before adoration from 5-6pm)
St. Ephrem
First Saturday of the Month
St. George
Tuesday (chapel): 9am-11pm
Wednesday (church): 6-7pm
First Friday of the Month: 8-10am
Chapel open 24/7. Accessible through left side of the parking lot.
Access Code: 5673 (which spells LORD).
St. Joseph
Thursday 10am-Friday 10am
Located in the St. Anthony Chapel (open 24/7)
St. Paul
St. Thomas
Thursday: 11am-10pm
24/7 Adoration Available in the Grotto